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What to do about New Year’s Eve

Dear globalcounselor,

My boyfriend and I have been going out for about a year and a half.  I spent part of the Christmas with him and his family. He did not want to come to my home because he said he would be overwhelmed by my large family. We are large and a bit loud too. He is from a small family. The problem is that we have not discussed new year’s eve plans.  Is it okay for me to broach the subject .  Should I ask him what would we be doing or would that be assuming too much too soon.  I am nervous and scared because I do want us to be together on New Year’s Eve.  I don’t know what to do and time is running out.


Dear Nervous

There’s only one way to find out. You ask him or ask him out. These days a girl don’t have to wait to be invited, she can take the initiative too.  If he has made plans without you in it then it tells you he does not feel the same way about the relationship as you. Maybe he is not where you’re at in your head.   Instead of worrying, get it out of your system, It is better to know where you stand. If  he’s got plans of his own,  you have enough time to make plans for yourself. Good luck.


New Year’s Eve

Dear globalcounselor,

It’s a couple days before New Year’s Eve and I have not had an invitation from my boyfriend. He has not mentioned anything about where I am going or what he is doing. He seems to be evading the topic and I don’t want to bring it up for him to think I am fishing for an invitation. I thought we were tight but I guess he must have someone else. Don’t you think he should have asked me by now?


Dear Uncertain,

I think your boyfriend ought to have asked you out by now. Maybe he is playing the field to see if he could catch something better.  I would ask him directly about his plans for the New Years Eve and whether you will be spending it together. No point beating around the bush.