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Age discrimination

Dear globalcounselor,

I am a 62 year old Black man working in an office in a large insurance company.  I am healthy. I have a family of four and very outgoing.  We recently hired a new Manager for my department. He is a party guy.  He invites all the younger staff to evening get together where important information is transmitted, I suspect.  It can’t be all about partying and drinking and having fun.  I am never invited. When I asked him why he does not invite me with them he said that it’s usually past my bed time and he did not want my wife to worry.  I felt offended. I know it’s not because of my colour because he invites the younger Black workers so I’m guessing it must be because of my age.  I feel hurt and I feel I am being left out of the swing of things because of my age and I’m not feeling old at all. I  think I have about 13 or so more years of work and if this is the way I’m going to be treated, I don’t know how I’ll survive because I am feeling poorly.


Dear poorly,

You are being discriminated in your workplace by your boss on the basis of your age.  You need to sit your boss down and tell him how you are feeling excluded from work-related events because of your age and that you would like to be included. If it is past your bedtime you would have the opportunity to gracefully decline but you need the opportunity. Tell him also that it is a human rights violation just to give him heads up in case you need to take this  into a formal complaint. Sometimes all it takes is sharing how you feel and people respond.  It’s sad when we are left out of things and when we’re discriminated because of something we cannot help. Take action to stop all forms of discrimination.


Cheating on my husband

Dear globalcounselor,

I am working in a bank and my manager  has been harassing me since the day I started working there two years ago. He has pressured me into having an affgair with him and over the years I have grown fond of him.

Recently, I’ve seen him taking the same kind of interest he had taken in me, in another woman who joined the Bank six months ago.  She is younger than me and divorced. I am so jealous of this woman and so mad at my boss as I feel he is cheating on me.

My obsession is getting in the way of my work and I am afraid that he might fire me if I get too tough on him.  What should I do?


Dear Jealous

Start looking for another job.  You have broken two cardinal rules.  Sleeping with your boss and cheating on your husband. Unreported sexual harassment in the workplace becomes consensual.  A complaint about your boss sexually harassing you would only be seen as the reaction of a jealous woman. From what you said your boss is getting tired of you and ready to move on to his next victim. I hope the next woman stops him in his tracks by filing a human rights complaint of sexual harassment.  Before you lose everything, start taking care of your husband and family if you have one.