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I am walking on egg shells

Dear globalcounselor,

I am a 62-year-old young at heart and in love with a man five years my junior. Globalcounselor, this man has been playing with my heart for more than a year.  He would go hot and cold all the time until I had given up, thinking I am too old to play this game. We go to the same church so we run into each other at least once a week. He and his wife have been separated for about two years.  Recently he has been more open and we have actually gone out on a date and he has asked me to go for a ride with him in the country.  I am so excited but I am also afraid of reading too much into what’s happening. I just want to enjoy it but I am so nervous waiting for something bad to happen, waiting for him to go cold again and break my heart.

How can I just let go of my doubts and enjoy this relationship?  I am afraid to be hurt again. I have been hurt many times.


Dear  Afraid,

Nothing ventured nothing gained. There are no guarantees in life and unless you are willing to take a chance  you cannot expect lady luck to smile on you. This relationship is skating on thin ice and I think you know it.  This love interest might not be sure whether his marriage is over or there may be a chance to reconnect with his wife.  Becoming involved quickly after a relationship ends can sometimes be misguided.  Sometimes we jump into relationship to make us feel better, to ease the pain of losing the one we love  so I would advise you to go slowly, know what you are getting yourself into. He may not be ready. You can enjoy the relationship for what it is and see where it goes, live in the moment. If things do not work out I am sure you will handle it maturely and move on to new horizons.   I am sure  you know the risk you are taking.  You’ve been around the block so let go and experience the joy of the love you feel and leave your fears for another day. As the saying goes you regret what you haven’t done that what you do.  Good luck.


What a sad day

Dear globalcounselor,

Yesterday when I read the news about that boy who killed all those people in the mall, I felt so sad. Why did he have to do it. It’s so scarey nowadays to go anywhere, you never know when someone would try to kill you for no reason.  He did not know any of those people he killed and he did not care.  Do you have any tips about how I can protect myself. I am 16 years old and I don’t want to die young, not like that anyway. I am still in high school and sometimes I feel so paranoid I don’t even feel like going to school in case someone would get mad and start killing people.


Dear Afraid,

I am scared too but I can’t stop living.  I can’t lock myself in the house all day long.  You’re not even safe in your house as someone could come there.  Most of these things happen randomly without rhyme or reason.  What I can say is to aware of your surrounding. Always look around and see the people who are nearest you and if you get a hunch that doesn’t feel good, get out of there and go somewhere else. We have to use our sense in order to protect ourselves the best way we can. If you’re in school and you notice someone is being bullied, if you can speak up for that person don’t join in and tease, perhaps that’s what might save you should that person decide to kill the tormentors.  He or she might take pity on you for trying to do the right thing.  Always do you best, speak up for the under dog. Be aware of your surroundings for people acting crazy. Finally, don’t be afraid most people are good. You will be safe.