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My boss slapped me on my bottoms

Dear globalcounselor,

I work in an accounting office.  My boss is a man in his 50’s and I am 22 years old. Ever since I started working there he has always touched me in a casual way. I always felt uncomfortable thinking that that kind of familiarity does not belong in an office environment but he is my boss and I did not want to create waves so soon. I put up with his behaviour. But lately I am concerned. His touch appears to be more purposeful as if he is giving me a message. Then it  at a company picnic the first year of my employment there, he cornered me in the kitchen of the people who hosted the party and grabbed my bottoms and said “tight” then to make it light he asked if I worked out a lot.  I told him them I did not appreciate that. I left the party saying to my co-workers that I had a migraine headache.

The next week at work was strained. I could not continue, I handed in my resignation and left at the end of the week. I am currently without a job and I am so mad that it is eating me up inside.  I did not do anything wrong and I am out and that creep is still working. What can I do, is there something I can do to get justice for myself.


Dear Angry

What you experienced is sexual harassment. It happens to many women and sometimes even some men in the workplace. This is wrong and a violation of your human rights. When we go to work, we expect and should enjoy a workplace free from harassment and discrimination. Even though you were outside of the office, it was an official event, therefore it is still considered to be harassment in the workplace. Even if your boss had slapped your bum in a supermarket, you could still file  a sexual harassment human rights complaint against him. The fact is there is a relationship between you – he is your boss and ought to know better.  I hope you will file a complaint so that bosses understand women are not fair game in the workplace and they have to amend their ways and perspective about women.  Human rights violators cost their companies lots of money. You may be able to claim for lost wages. I urge you to contact your local human rights commission (if you are in Canada)  or Equal Employment Opportunity office (if you are in the US) as soon as possible because there is a six-month to a year deadline to report these incidents. Lets hope your next workplace will be a better experience for you.


Cheating on my husband

Dear globalcounselor,

I am working in a bank and my manager  has been harassing me since the day I started working there two years ago. He has pressured me into having an affgair with him and over the years I have grown fond of him.

Recently, I’ve seen him taking the same kind of interest he had taken in me, in another woman who joined the Bank six months ago.  She is younger than me and divorced. I am so jealous of this woman and so mad at my boss as I feel he is cheating on me.

My obsession is getting in the way of my work and I am afraid that he might fire me if I get too tough on him.  What should I do?


Dear Jealous

Start looking for another job.  You have broken two cardinal rules.  Sleeping with your boss and cheating on your husband. Unreported sexual harassment in the workplace becomes consensual.  A complaint about your boss sexually harassing you would only be seen as the reaction of a jealous woman. From what you said your boss is getting tired of you and ready to move on to his next victim. I hope the next woman stops him in his tracks by filing a human rights complaint of sexual harassment.  Before you lose everything, start taking care of your husband and family if you have one.