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I’m in love with my brother’s wife

Dear globalcounselor,

I am in big trouble. I am in love with my brother’s wife.  OMG she is hot and so beautiful I can’t stop thinking of her. I love my brother and I love his wife even more. She loves me too and we’ve fooled around a little bit, jokingly but I know if I press it something could happen. I am thinking of leaving the city all together and go somewhere else to live to get her out of my system. If I stay I might do something that I may regret for the rest of my life and bring divisions in our close-knit family. Do you think I should walk away from her, this woman who I feel I love and  will be difficult to live without.


Dear Scum,

I think you should leave this one alone. Your brother’s wife is off bounds. Leave it alone and be the better man you are and walk away from this temptation. Imagine if your brother should  find out that you have betrayed him, how would you feel about that – how would your brother feel about that? Go and find another woman, there are plenty of fishes in the sea man.  What is to say that after you betray your brother this woman realizes  that he is the one she really loves.  Why didn’t she choose you before the wedding? It might help you to try to see your sister-in-law as your sister. Would you fall in love with your sister? I don’t think so.


Betrayal causes heartache

Dear global counselor,

I am tearing up with guilt because I betrayed my girlfriend. She has this cute boyfriend who really likes her and he thinks she’s so special. He always says nice things about her to me and my friends. He thinks she is so great. My boyfriend does the opposite, sometimes I think he doesn’t care about me. I am jealous of my girlfriend. I asked her boyfriend if he would think she is so special if I told him she had an abortion two years ago. He was stunned; he looked like a lost dog and I felt my stomach hurt.

I begged him not to tell my girlfriend, to keep it a secret. “Why are you doing this?” he asked me. I thought you guys were friends,” he added and walked away.

I feel like a rat. I feel so horrible inside I cannot begin to tell you how much I wish I had kept my mouth shut, how much I wished I was not so jealous of my best friend.Most of all I feel ashamed of myself and sad because I know I have lost some important people who were in my life.

Please help me


Dear Rat,

Jealous is said to be one of the deadly sins. You’ve said it yourself, you have betrayed a friend and most of all you’ve betrayed yourself – the good part of you. You’re a good person who gave in to your lower self.

There is nothing that is beyond repair although some repairs take longer than others. This one might be one of those.

Because your boyfriend does not pay you the compliments that your girlfriend boyfriend does that made you jealous.

You misplaced your anger from your boyfriend and placed it on your friend.

Perhaps you might want to rethink your relationship with this boyfriend of yours. If he is not meeting your needs, find someone who does.

Remember when you gossip about othersyou’re hurting yourself, you’re showing yourself to be someone who likes to gossip and thereby putting yourself down. Give in sometime and confess to your friend and ask for her forgiveness.

bMy girlfriend betrayed me

D ear globalcounselor,

I am a nurse and I work shift. When I am at work my husband stays home with the children.  We also have a babysitter who will watch the children if he had to go out in a hurry. My husband and I had a wonderful relationship. There was no problem. I trusted him with my life.  Last week I had to cancel my shift on short notice because I was not feeling well.  I didn’t tell my husband until 15 minutes before I was scheduled to leave. Instead of being happy that I’d be home, I felt he was a little disappointed. Then the babysitter showed up. I asked if he had planned on going out and why didn’t he tell me. He got mad and asked if he had to clear everything with the Sargent General.  I was taken aback but I was too sick to argue. Then I heard him whispering on the phone about change of plans and that Carla is home and is not going to work. I pretended not to hear. I asked him who was he talking to and he said he was telling his buddy that plans changed. He said he was not going to leave me home alone with the kids when I am sick. I thought that was sweet. Late that evening when my husband was asleep curiosity made me check the phone to see the last caller. My best friend’s phone number showed up. I did not think anything at first but the next day when I asked why she called the house and spoke to Doug. She said that it was something she wanted to ask him about plumbing. She said her toilet was plugged and bubbling up. Oh my God, I knew something was going on between them. After much cross-examination by me and mutual yelling my husband admitted he slept with my best friend and they were going to go out to talk about ending the relationship because they both felt it was not right.

I have decided not to divorce my husband over this because of my children but how do I move on, how do I trust him again? Am I doing the right thing.


Dear confused.

If you decide to forgive your husband’s indiscretion, you have to stop focussing on his behaviour and start thinking of what you shared before this happen. Focussing on the marriage and think of ways you can move forward beyond this.  I have seen marriages survive infidelity but there has to be more than just for the children. There has to be a foundation of love or something to build upon. To want to remain in a loveless marriage for children will not do your children any favour. Think of some of the things you can do to forget. Will you still have your girlfriend in your life. How about a vacation, just the two of you. Some ideas to get you started.

My girlfriend gossips about me

Dear globalcounselor,

I am 16 years old and  I just found out that my BFF has betrayed my trust.  I am hurt and disappointed and I don’t think I can be her friend anymore because I cannot trust her. I told her that I thought I was pregnant but later found out it was a false alarm. I had to tell someone and since she is my BFF I told her.  A week later three of our mutual friends have told me what they heard and now everyone thinks I’s such a slut. What should I do?


Dear Hurt

You are hurt because someone you trusted with very personal, private information betrayed that trust. It is huge. How do we repair such damage. The secret is already out and you cannot change that. What you can change is in whom you confide next time. Sometimes the best person to confide in with such delicate secrets is people who are responsible and are bound by the ethics of their profession to keep such secrets e.g. your school guidance counsellor, a counsellor, or your parents. who will not want to spread such news about you.  Some secrets overwhelm you when you are young and immature and they feel they have to share it to ease their own confusion.  I think  you need to have a conversation with your BFF and let her know just how hurt you felt when you found out she had shared your secret with others. This is so that you do not carry around this resentment for ever.

I hate my manipulative friends

Dear globalcounselor,

I recently ended my relationship with a girlfriend who I found to be dishonest and manipulative.  I was hurt badly in this relationship because I trusted her but I was betrayed. The problem is my friend does not appear to understand my reasons for ending the relationship.  It is as if she is incapable of grasping the truth or understanding the difference between truth and lie. I think she is so accustomed to fudging the truth that she now believes her own lies.  I discovered she was lying to me all along to manipulate me to give her things and pay for her bills.  All along she was using the money to buy drugs.  I feel used and abused and looking back now, I have to ask myself, how could I have been so blind.  I feel dumb and terribly betrayed.  She is now crying and want us to continue being friends. She cannot understand why a little lie should come between us. She has no conscience.  She offers no apology, she does not appear to be sorry for her behaviour, well I do not need someone like that around me.


Dear Gone,

I think you’ve made a wise decision.  When something is not working for you, the best thing to do is leave it alone.  Your friend has to recognize the errors of her ways and until she does, she will not see any need to change and nothing you can say or do will make her see. So move on and cut your losses. There are many more friends to meet. You are not dumb, you are an honest person and you judge others by your standards. Be careful next time but don’t compromise your standard.

Burning up with anger

Dear globalcounselor,

I am am so angry right now I don’t know what to do with it. I left my husband for another man who said he wanted to spend the rest of  his life with me. I eventually divorced my husband, got a good settlement which I spent generously with my new man until it was all gone.  It took us  about two years to spend $500,000 .  We are almost broke and in debt right now.  At this my lowest point, I find out that this scumbag is having an affair with one of our mutual friends. Luckily I owned the house so I told him to get the hell out before I do something I will regret.  Like a dog he keeps calling and asking me to forgive him. After I refused to talk to him, his phone calls have become threatening. I guess he has found out he is nothing without me. What should I do?


Dear Angry,

Get the police involved. Do not take threats at face value. It is better to be safe than sorry.  Get a restraining order, change your phone number.  You’ve been betrayed and you have every right to be angry but you made the choice to leave your husband for this guy. You made a mistake.  Cut your losses and leave.  Too many women  are victims of male violence. I don’t want you to be a statistics.  So get your safety plan in plan.  Go and speak to a social worker immediately and let her help you assess the situation.

My girlfriend is trying to steal my boyfriend

Dear globalcounselor,

I am almost 16 years old. My boyfriend is 17 years old.  He likes to be a player. I know he has been messing around with other girls but he always came back to me.  But one of my friends told me that she saw my boyfriend and my best girlfriend having coffee and looking pretty cozy.  I waited for my girlfriend to tell me but she never did, neither did my boyfriend. I asked my girlfriend it its true and she did not deny it.  She said they liked spending time together because they have a lot in common, such as sports, electronic games and so on. I felt hurt. I told her I did  think that was cool and she said that I am welcome to come anytime, that she does not have anything to hide and that I did not own Ricky, my boyfriend. I told her that I thought she was my friend and didn’t expect she would go  after my  boyfriend. She said she could not help it if she’s hotter than me. I was shocked. I called her the b word and just walked away crying.

Should I leave my boyfriend or should I fight for him.

Fly or fight

Dear fly or fight,

Listen honey, you are 15 – all this love talk is puppy love. This is the time when young people should explore relationships with the opposite sex and develop an understanding of each other without getting into sex which complicates a simple relationship and always  ends up in regrets. Let him go and you move on. There are many more fishes in the sea. Another boyfriend will emerge soon.   You have to learn what friendship means and it does not mean trying to steal your girlfriend’s boyfriend. You have to learn boundaries and the meaning of love and all that stuff. Your special guy is out there but he will show up a little later baby. I am not trying to make light of your pain but this is what I call emotional growing pain. There are pain you are going to experience in the future that will make this one appear like a walk in the park.  In time you will even forgive your girlfriend and you both will have a good laugh over it. Sometimes the guys we think we can’t live without at 15 turn out to be quite the frogs as grown ups and then girls ask themselves ‘what did I ever see in him’. It happens … a lot.