Muslim girls feels ostracised

Dear globalcounselor,

I am a 16-year-old Muslim girl and ever since the trial of three Muslim people in Montreal who they think murdered those four women by drowing them in a car my school friends are giving me weird looks. They pretend they’re whispering but I can hear them talking about my scarf and looking at me funny. I am tired of being stared at, talked about and feel less than other people because I am muslim and dress a little different. I feel different and I wish I did not have to stand out by wearing a scarf on my head all the time, but my parents would not let me go without it. They tell me I should be proud of who I am and that people will like me when they see how good I am but they don’t. What can I do?I don’t want to feel like an outsider. I want to be like everyone else.


Dear Weird,

Being yourself can sometimes be challenging especially when you want to be like everyone else. But being yourself is the only way you can be truly happy and if people don’t  like you for who you are they don’t really like you and no matter how much you change they will not like you, not really. I understand how difficult it is for you to stand out but right now you don’t have a choice but to wear the scarf because your parent want you to. How about if you get people to understand why you wear a scarf.  Discuss this issue with your teacher and tell her you would like to invite a speaker to speak to your class about Islam. Maybe when your friends understand that you’re no different from a nun who wear special clothes, or a priest who wears a frock, or the Jewish man who wears the cap on his head.  These things are different but they all mean something  important. Ignorance breeds distrust and distrust causes people to make up stories about things they don’t understand. So it’s hard work but try educate your ignorant school mates and things might be different. They might come to appreciate that difference is not always bad and that Muslims are not bad people but that bad people use religion to do bad things.


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