Christmas sucks

After all the fuss and craziness leading up to Christmas here we are today. It’s here today and we’re the happy family together and what do I hear? I hear a lot of bitching. People bringing up old hurts and all of a sudden our happy family turned into a family from hell. Like get me out of here! Why it is that being with family sometimes is the loneliest time.  This is not the first time; it happens at every family get-to-gether. Where did we get this idea that family is the greatest thing of all?  I have so much more fun with my friends than with my family.  Am I normal or what.

Christmas blues

Dear Christmas blues,

Unfortunately, old habits die hard. Family drama keeps repeating itself until someone decides to put an end to it once and for all. That means as soon as people start bringing up disruptive stuff others should get up from the table and walk away. That’s the only way to stop it. When family members get to gether they can trigger each other by bringing up unpleasant memories of the past – old hurts surface, sibling rivalries, competitions all return and people react in the predictable manner.  Friends, as the saying goes are God’s gift to us for the family we lack.  Some friends are more that your blood relations because of the love and respect they show you.  The idea that family is the most important thing in our lives is a myth, and a virus of the mind that has been passed down from generation to generation. You don’t have to participate in the drama. You can choose to remove yourself from it. Take your food and eat somewhere else or go with your friends. That act may help to bring an end to the drama or if it doesn’t you always have a choice to be with those you choose to be with. As you leave assure your family that you love them but that you are choosing not to be part of the drama on this day because you need to feel good and at peace. 


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