I am tired of my lying girlfriend

Dear globalcounselor,

I don’t know what to do with my girlfriend except to ditch her. She lies faster than a horse trot. She lies about little things which makes me wonder what big things she is lying about? It drives me crazy. I cannot trust her.   A few days ago she  went to a movie with some friends and a mutual friend saw her. When we hooked up a few days later I asked her what she’s been up to? She said nothing, she’s been home doing her homework all the time. Just to see what she would say, I said I went to see a movie with my friend. I wanted to help her memory. She asked me what I went to see and never said that she also went to the movie.  I didn’t say anything. The other thing she lied about recently is that she never smoked pot. I know she smokes pot all the time. One of her girlfriends told me they smoked together. And it goes on and on with these little things. I am 17 and she is 16. I think I am ready to walk away because I am finding it hard to like her. I don’t like people who tell lies.

Walking away.

Dear Walking away,

You are both very young and have some growing up to do. A person who lies also is a cheat. You can either confront her with what you know and ask her directly why she feels she has to lie. Is it to make you think better of her, are you a judgemental person? a Mr. perfect that makes her feel inadequate?  Some people are pathological liars, they cannot help themselves.  It is like a mental illness.   Perhaps she needs help professionally. If you find you do not like her anymore, just move on.  Relationships at this age are not meant to last forever.  It is better you find someone you can have fun with  and grow into your manhood in a good way.


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