My boyfriend is too religious

Dear globalcounselor,

I met the perfect boyfriend. He is considerate,  kind and vry easy going but every second word out of his mouth is about God and Jesus.  He is a born-again Christian.  It’s like he cannot think for himself. He has tried to invite me to Church many times but I have refused as I do not want to give him the impression that I will become a Christian. I  believe in Jesus’ message but my idea of religion and spirituality is a little broader than my boyfriend’s.

I like spending time with him but am concerned that I might be wasting my time because in the end he might opt for  a Christian girl or I might find his religiosity too stifling, but I am not ready to accept defeat as yet.  I have no blinders on. I know  a person’s values and beliefs are sometimes and rightly so, should be non-negotiatiable and I hve to say I do respect him but I must admit that such dogmatism can be boring and lead to serious conflict in a long term relationship. Am I being a fool to continue with this?


Dear foolhardy,

You appear to have your own answer.  When a person accepts the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as their personal savior, they develop a relationship  with Him and follow the Bible to the letter. If you are not a Christian who is born again, it will be difficult for you to sustain a conversation with him when everything you say he has the perfect answer from the Bible and sometimes the answer can appear to be irrational but when one has beliefs and faith it is difficult to argue against such irrationality. My advice to you is to seriously consider yourself 5 years from now, in this relationship – he off to Church, praying at the drop of a hat and expects you to do the same.  What kind of life do you forsee? Are you open to be co-opted on the Jesus train?  If you are well there may be some hope but if you you are not, I say get the hell out of that relationship now before its too late.


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