What’s all the fuss about Chris and Rihanna?

Dear Global Counsellor,

I am 18 year old country girl and my boyfriend is 22. We love each other a lot.  I know he loves me but sometimes I make him mad and he hits me and we kiss and make up. I won’t leave him because we promise to be together forever. One day we plan to be husband and wife. I think the public should stay out of the couple’s problems and let them deal with it by themselves.  They are such a cute couple and cthey love each other.  If they were not celebrities would anybody care?

In love

Dear In Love,

Girl you are living in another world. Your idea about love is not the right one. When people love each other they do not hurt each other but care for each other. Abuse is wrong.  No one has the right to hit another person. Abuse happens because the person wants to control you.  Usually the abuse escalates over time. Your boyfriend is going beat you up  more severely and more frequently if you do not stop him.  Unfortunately sometimes abuse ends in death of one or both partners.  Many women continue in such relationship because they enjoy the honeymoon phase of the cycle of abuse  and live for such tender moments, when their boyfriends for husbands show remorse for their violent behaviour and shower them with gifts and kisses for a day or so,  but those moments will become fewer and far between the beatings you will get.  With regard to Chris and Rihanna,  I think the public is right to be concerned about their behaviour.  Rihanna is seen as a role model for young girls. What message is she giving young women who might be in a similar situation?  When you promote yourself as a role model, there are responsibilities.

  I suggest that you, young lady, seek counselling for your own abusive relationship.  You need to get out of that relationship before it is too late. What you are going through is not normal.  Get help, now.


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