How can I divorce my parents

Dear globalcounselor,

I am 18 years old and I live in the most dysfunctional family ever and I want out. My mom is a prostitute and my dad is a pimp. They both drink a lot but I do not think they do drugs.  They provide a reasonable living. We have a home, an old car and we get to go to school but I am so ashamed on my folks that I never invite anyone to my home. I keep to myself all the time.  I am quiet in school and play dumb because I do not want the question about my folks to come up and don’t know what to say.  My grandma lives in another state and she does not speak to my mom and dad because she says they live the devil’s life.  She wanted me and my brother who is 16 to live with her but my parents refused.  They don’t see that their lifestyle is a problem, they argue that it puts food on the table and a roof over our heads and that we should be grateful.  I am depressed and sad a lot of times. Sometimes I worry for my mom and afraid that maybe one day she will not come home. I cry a lot. I can’t take this any more. I love my folks because they’re my folks but I do not want anything to do with them anymore.  I thank them for protecting us from abuse and tried in their own way to show us the right way to live in spite of what they do with their own lives. They don’t understand that what they do impact on us, their children. I feel so bad about my life. I want to live my life without them. How can I divorce them and just go on with my life.


Dear wantout,

I have to agree with you, you live in a strange world.  You can divorce your parents legally but how do you divorce them from your heart. You’re 18 years old and old enough to live on your own.  You can move in with your grandmother until you save enough money to branch out on your own. It’s difficult  world out there without education and money but if you have the determination to work hard for what you want you can do it. To divorce your parents pyschologically would take months of counselling because it is not as easy as signing a piece of paper.  The bonds between parents and child go deep my child. Why not take the first step, get your own place or move in with your grandmother and give yourself time to reflect and think things over. Talk it out with your grandmother and supportive friends. Find a support group in your area and talk about your feelings. That will help.  Also do not forget to pray and ask for guidance.  Good luck.


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