Obama vs Clinton – the Choice is Yours

Dear global counselor:

I am an 18-year-old white university student in Pennsylvania and I have told my folks that I am supporting Barack Obama because I think he is the hope of America. He is the change that can make our country a better place. I don’t care about experience because I do not feel that it is important. How does one get experience? You have to give them a chance to do the job and it’s not like Mr. Obama does not have any experience. He has enough to be the president.

My folks are trying to force me to support Hilary Clinton. I have no problem with her but I do not think she will be able to bring the energy and excitement that Mr. Obama can. For a young person like me he is it. I think my parents’ objection to my choice is because of Mr. Obama’s race. They do not say it but I do not think they can stand the thought of a Black man running the United States of America. They still have that racist view that Blacks are not smart enough.  They keep saying Ms Clinton is experienced, she is bright and she has a good support in her husband, Bill Clinton, the former President.  I am frustrated with my folks and wish they could have a more open mind and see through their own discriminatory actions and beliefs.  How can I get my folks to change their minds?



Dear Disappointed

Voting is a highly personal and individual act. There is no rule that says all members of a family should vote en bloc. It’s different


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  1. Disapointed-
    In our history Americans fight for Hope and that is what other candidates don’t have. They can’t bring hope because they’re the ones that have left us hopeless…Right now we were given an opportunity! You have the unique opportunity to show America how strong Hope can be. Obama represents one hope for America and one dream for Americans. My Featured video elaborates on these ideas, check it out, and best to you.

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