Immigrant Lover

Dear globalcounselor,

I have been going out with a man from Trinidad for a few years. Every Christmas he always leaves me to hang out to dry in the frosty snow while he goes off to visit relatives in the tropical paradise of Trinidad in the West Indies. I think he is so selfish not to invite me along.  No matter how I cajole him to spend Christmas with me he sniggers and says his family would be very disappointed. I feel he has a woman down there and just stringing me along for the ride at his convenience.  He spends a month there whenever he goes.   Globalcounselor, I think I am wasting my time, I feel it in my heart. I think I just have to have the guts to cut the rope.  I am 39 years old and have been never married.


Dear suspicious,

I think if you continue with this guy, you many never be married. You’ve answered your own question and I agree with you 100 per cent.  He is selfish and not thinking about you. Give him an ultimatum and if he can’t deliver walk away and put your energy into a relationship that’s going somewhere.


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